Sunday, 14 July 2013

Smokin' Wigs and Star Trek Dresses

Last night the Star Spangled Chestwigs had a Bar-B-Q at The Doll at The Black Bull , and it was scorching . The band were on top form and the crowd entered into the summer feel though is was red hot in there. Shev , Adas , Bill & Paul gave two storming sets - with great reaction to "Rivers of Babylon" and "Take Me Home Country Roads" by people who had forgotten or not heard the Chestwigs take on them.

Drinking on the Ceiling
Thanks to Maz and Shev the place is a fantastic venue , and was impressed by the table and chaires on the ceiling and the great selection of drinks and remarkably efficient , friendly and tattooed bar staff.

Lot's of great T-Shirts , hair cuts and tattoos on show as well and the crowd were brilliant

Shev is out of his tree!
The gig went by like a blur some great dancing , running about , plastic palm trees , Shev's Kilt celebrating his love of all thing celtic !! There was also a young lady with an excellent cock-a-too hair style and Dead Kennedy's jacket on who delivered a heartfelt thank you to all the hard work Maz and Shev have put into the the place

Dixie in her Star Trek Dress
 Special mention has to go to my friend Dixie Foster's Star Trek dress and handbag (the dress all her own work) which had lot's of people stopping to take photographs.

All in all another fantastic Chestwigs gig and looking forward to the next one !

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