Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Chestwigs Wear The Fox Hat!

Last night I visited The Old Fox in Felling for the second time. There were a lot of posters for upcoming gigs , notably AKQ Stottin on the 29th of November, which I can't make because I'm on holiday. Last night was to see the brilliant Star Spangled Chestwigs , and was chatting with all the band before the gig and Adas told me that this was where they played their first gig around 1992/3. So tonight was the first gig they'd played since Maz and Shev rescued the place from being turned into flats. So actually a historical event really, my favourite live band on the North East circuit returning to where it all started.
Shev is an Abominable Showman

Anyway last night Shev eschewed his usual sparkly dress in favour of either a Gorilla suit , or he's come out about his bodily hair problem, but he was a consummate frontman leading a crowd in a rousing "SHITE" chant.

The layout of the Old Fox means that it's difficult to take photos or video when there's a decent crowd in , so I didn't get many pictures or take any video. Actually this is a good thing because in makeds you concentrate on what you're there for rather than trying to take pictures.

The sound was excellent and the crowd had a great time, I did take a photo of the "SHITE LIST" so I know all the songs that were played last night, and there were a lot. They show no mercy to Abba , The Sweet , Slade , Kenny Rogers and John Denver.

Also included was stool racing and a touching rendition of John Denver's "Take Me Home Country Roads".

Another brilliant night and was great talking to the band before hand , also an excellent crowd and don't think it will be too long before I get back down there, you should too , it's straight off Felling Metro!

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